Brick... let's give it a try


For the exterior of the house I want to do something with brick. With that in mind I went to a local craftshop for painters. I needed a light material, thin, because I don't want a visible thick layer of 'something' on the outside.

I found cork! And I love it. It's 1 mm thick and can be cut with a scissors or knife. With a couple sheets of cork and three different 'brick' colours of paint I left the shop.

At home I could not wait to start with a test piece. First, I coloured the cork with paint. For my test piece I used only one colour. After it was dried I cut little pieces of 2 by 0.5 cm. For the grout I used grey pre-coloured filler which you use to fill up holes in e.g. walls. I applied a medium layer of filler onto the MDF and put the cork brick on top of it, piece by piece. I gave every brick a little push, so the filler comes up and the brick get surrounded by the 'grout'. After the filler dried it works as glue to the cork, I can't get it off. Perfect!

Please see the pictures below for a little step-by-step version. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I'll reply to it.

Hugs, Vall

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3 reacties

  1. Ah Vall I love it! And so nice you're starting again with a dollhouse. I am very exiting and ofcourse following all your creations! Mom xxx

  2. Hello Vall,
    Thanks for sharing the great technique. The cork looks like it has perfect texture for imitating brick. It looks great.
    Big hug

    1. Hi Giac, thank you! the texture really looks like brick and because it's a soft material it's easy to use and doesn't make the house extremely heavy. Another nice fact is that the cork adapts paint so easily, you can apply different layers, create shadows and so on.


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